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Glendine was born in Pretoria, South Africa, grew up in Namibia and studied Fine Art at the Technicon of Pretoria.

She is known for her landscapes, still life and figures and normally works with acrylic.

Glendine’s work has been exhibited all over South Africa and New York and can be found on our online store.

Melani Serfontein was born in Gauteng, South Africa in 1967. She grew up in Pietersburg and studied Fine Arts at High School Pietersburg.

Melani is known for her impressionism and she gets her inspiration from emotional and spiritual messages.

Melani normally works in oil, acrylic and mixed media.

Jacques du Plessis was born in Florida, Johannesburg in 1985.

He grew up in Hartebeespoort in South Africa and learned his skill under the influence of Christiaan Nice.

Jacques is known for old-world art and normally works in oil.

Stan Polson was born in Rustenburg South Africa and grew up in Pretoria.

Stan is a self-taught artist and is known for his colourful, tranquil landscape scenes and normally works in acrylic.

Stan has also exhibited his work in various galleries around South Africa and can be found on our online store.

Rita Knoetze was born in 1953 and learned her skill at the Olga Hoffman Art School.

Rita is known for her contemporary, abstract and expressionistic work in vibrant colours.

Rita’s work has been exhibited at SCAVA in  the George Museum, Wilderness Arts Festival and various art galleries in South Africa.

Rita’s work is inspired by modern-day artists like Callen Schaub, Tracy Verdugs and Wayenne Thompson.

Helen Pheil started her career way back in 1992 while living in Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa, and later moved down to George with her family.

Helen is a self-taught artist who is known for her relaxed impressionism.

Helen has also attended various painting and drawing workshops and have exhibited her work in several galleries around the Western Cape, South Africa.

Chris is an exciting self-taught artist from the Western Cape and spends his days by enhancing his unique style known as 55+1 “Only Me”

55+1″Only Me” is the theme Chris uses to describe his unique style which he applies to intensify the quality and value of his art.

He works with a scraper and very rarely uses a paintbrush. This method, plus the application of mainly black, white and gray, makes Chris’s work something to be seen.

Ricolet was born in the Roman Catholic Hospital in Windhoek on the 4th of August 1969. She grew up in Mariental, the semi-desert part of Namibia, where she spent her carefree childhood on a little farm.

From a very young age Ricolet absolutely loved doing pencil sketches, and especially doing sketches of faces. 

An older sibling taught her the technique of using shadows when sketching and so a new world opened to this little girl.

At present, Ricolet works in acrylic on canvas and the  emotions, light and shadows inspire her. Whenever memories take her back to her beloved Namibia and her family, who still lives there, you will find her in front of her easel – pouring out her love and empathy for people on canvas.


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